1 Building, 1 Artwork

As a company devoted to building more beautiful cities for everyone, Emerige also contributes to bringing more art into urban communities by acquiring or commissioning contemporary art pieces under the terms of the 1 Building, 1 Artwork charter it co-founded in 2015 under the aegis of the French Ministry of Culture. Over the past four years, it has supported the creation of more than sixty artworks for the residential and commercial buildings it has built or regenerated.

To ensure the regional relevance of these artworks, mediation initiatives are implemented as part of campaigns conducted in conjunction with local partners, such as art schools, art centres and colleges.

artworks commissioned from artists


Pierre Seinturier in Gentilly

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1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre de M. Seinturier dans un immeuble Emerige

Into Johan Creten’s studio

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1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre de Johan Creten dans un immeuble Emerige

Louis-Cyprien Rials presents his artwork in Saint-Denis

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1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre de Louis Cyprien dans un immeuble Emerige