Our commitments

As builders of tomorrow’s cities, we envision and construct buildings on the basis of measuring their impact on the environment. CSR is a commitment to progress, and we accept our responsibility to meet the high societal and environmental expectations of our stakeholders and put the four commitments of our ‘Let’s Build Tomorrow’ corporate social responsibility policy to work on a daily basis.


Érigeons demain - Groupe Emerige

Every day, through every part of our business and through everything we do, we deliver on the commitments set out in our corporate social responsibility policy:

  • Build trust through our stakeholder relationships
  • Demand high quality for the wellbeing of building residents and users
  • Shape the sustainable city to meet environmental challenges
  • Bring people together around culture by making it accessible to the widest possible audience
Cultiver la confiance - Groupe Emerige

Growing trust

by making people our central focus, we cultivate a positive climate within the company and with our stakeholders.


  • Building an enviable working environment and conditions
    On 5 September 2018, the French Law on the Freedom to Choose One’s Future Career introduced a new scheme, which has been in place since March 2020 and requires French companies with more than 50 employees to publish a gender pay equality index every year. 

    In 2020, the Emerige Group employed 211 people; 47% women / 53% men. Two of its entities employing more than 50 people are covered by the obligation to publish this index. Exoliance Capital was rated 79/100, reflecting a 19-point increase over 2019 and highlighting its rapid implementation of a voluntary initiative to make progress on the gender equality issue. The rating for Emerige was 47/100. This figure reflects the low proportion of categories included in the index calculation and is not therefore an accurate representation. Nevertheless, a special effort was made in 2020 to improve workplace gender equality – an issue central to our CSR commitments – resulting in a number of women joining the Group in positions of responsibility. All the initiatives already in place to promote and workplace gender equality are ongoing.

    Our employees work in surroundings designed to promote better professional development and more seamless relationships. Throughout the year, we host social events that give us the opportunity to meet, develop our cohesive team spirit, converge our ambitions, (re)assert the values of our Group and look to the future.


  • Building and maintaining close relationships
    Our mirror committee was formed to build closer links with our external partners and intersect our ideas with external perceptions. Representing stakeholders, its members meet annually to question us and help us progress. We also promote local development with the help of our principals and operate a responsible purchasing policy. For example, between 2016 and 2024, more than 270,000 hours will be worked by people returning to employment on our Major Projects after a period of unemployment.
Exiger la qualité - Groupe Emerige

Demanding quality

That ensures a sustainably better life for building residents and users. All our real estate projects are driven by the same priority: delivering permanent satisfaction for everyone.

  • Dedicated to the principle of quality
    To guarantee the high quality of all our real estate development programmes, we have produced a set of Applied Method Guidelines to provide an implementation framework for all our projects, all the way from concept to completion. On the downstream side, we commission customer satisfaction surveys as the basis for improving ongoing collaboration with all stakeholders, whether architects, tradesmen, investors, users, elected representatives, partners or artists.
  • Fuelling our ability to innovate
    We see innovation not only as a technical issue, but also as a societal issue. That perspective guides the design of all our major projects. So, for example, the Morland Mixité Capitale scheme in the 4th arrondissement of Paris brings together 11 different uses in one development. We also go further with a commitment to fuel our ability to innovate and act transparently through regular interaction between our teams and external contributors.
Fabriquer la ville durable - Groupe Emerige

Shaping sustainable cities

to meet environmental challenges alongside our stakeholders and the future residents and users of the buildings we create

  • Reducing the environmental impacts of our business activities
    In 2020, we conducted a carbon assessment of all our business activities to measure our environmental impact and engage with a programme of planned reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Our commitment to shaping sustainable cities is already reflected in many of our ongoing projects, including the Le Berlier (Paris 13) project to build France’s tallest timber-framed residential building, the Docks de Saint Ouen eco-community, 80% of which is heated using renewable energy, and Morland Mixité Capitale with its own centralised energy generation system.
  • Promoting biodiversity
    The majority of our schemes incorporate the development of shared natural spaces and/or participative projects to promote urban biodiversity. Examples include more than 2,500 m² of gardens and green roofs in Pantin (Quai de l’Aisne) and a shared greenhouse for UNIC residents in the new eco-community of Clichy Batignolles. The terraces of Morland Mixité Capitale will offer 2,800 m² of space for urban agriculture, 300 m² of green roofs and 1,000 m² of landscaped spaces at street level.
Rassembler par la culture - Groupe Emerige

Bringing people together around culture

Everyone in the Group is driven by the same daily commitment to make art accessible to the maximum number of people.

  • Bringing the cultural world closer to all audiences
    Every year, more than 15,000 young people derive benefit from our corporate patronage programmes. Une journée de vacances à Versailles (A one-day holiday at Versailles), the Festival d’Automne (Autumn Festival), the Fondation du Collège de France and the Source de Gérard Garouste all receive our support to deliver their arts and culture educational ambitions.
  • Supporting contemporary creativity
    Our Révélations Emerige Grant springboard programme was created in 2014, and every year gives young and emerging artists the opportunity to exhibit their work and make personal contact with the entire art market ecosystem. We are also the driving force and first signatory of the ‘One Building, One Artwork’ Charter, which promotes art in the city by commissioning and installing an original art piece for every building we construct.
Comité Pilotage Rse Emerige
I am in no doubt whatsoever that CSR is a driver of Group performance, because it is a lever for action that unites teams around the commitment of a socially responsible company to act on a daily basis for cities that are more sustainable, more innovative and more generous.
Laurent Dumas

Our commitments since 2018

  • Have guided our everyday eco-friendly actions

8+ million pages not printed (-42%)

  • Strengthen our trust-based relationships internally and externally

50+ cultural events and visits offered to employees

  • Make us more demanding and more meticulous

1,300 homes delivered in 2019 have been the subject of a customer satisfaction survey

  • For more art & culture for everyone

15,000 young people benefit from our corporate patronage initiative every year