Les ateliers Vaugirard / Paris 15

A greened community

Living in a world of plants: it was with this strong promise that Emerige and Icade won the RATP contract and are now transforming the Ateliers Vaugirard brownfield site. More modern, larger and entwined with nature, the transformation of this historic site is now underway with a projected completion date of 2024.

As part of the Ateliers Vaugirard restructuring and urban integration project undertaken by RATP, Emerige and Icade are building two private housing complexes of 131 homes flanked by planted terraces, shrubs on balconies, planted walls and railings, a 393 m2 plot dedicated to urban agriculture, shops selling locally-sourced food, a day nursery and a temporary exhibition space that will showcase the work of students from the ENSAAMA postgraduate school of art and design.

The plant kingdom is being protected and celebrated at every stage of the project. During the construction phase, the Group is implementing stringent measures to control and reduce its impact on local biodiversity. The plants used for the two buildings and their outdoor spaces will be carefully selected to take full account of the ecological challenges of their surroundings and enhance existing plant and animal life.

As a result, the project falls within the framework of the ‘Targeting 100 Hectares’ charter initiated by the City of Paris and signed by RATP. It is also aiming to achieve BiodiverCity certification, and is a pilot project within the French government’s ‘Energie-Carbone’ certification scheme trial campaign.

Promoting the wellbeing of residents and neighbours, biodiversity, social diversity, mixed use and art, this project is absolutely consistent in its alignment with our vision of what tomorrow’s cities could and should be.


Project details

Address: 297 Rue Lecourbe and a new road yet to be constructed – Paris

Architects: Ibos & Vitart and Harmonic + Masson & Associés

Landscape Architect: David Besson Girard

Total floor area: 11,078 m²

Scheme: 131 homes, 218 m² of urban agricultural space and retail units, a day nursery and arts and culture spaces

Projected completion: 2023

A joint development by Emerige and Icade